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AllSSRD1 2000 Anaheim 1 by NWG

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If you are confused on the track design you could always check out my youtube channel. Im uploading video of me riding all of my tracks the way they are intended to be ridden. All the tracks that are from the year 1992 and older are not exact replicas. I imagined what sort of jump features would be in place of each section on a modernized track, while still keeping it reminiscent of the original. I dreamed up a video game called SXMX All Star. A game that includes a supercross and motocross series, with tracks that hosted epic historical races and rider competition that includes the best riders of all time, facing each other in an epic duel. The game would include realistic bike maintenance and brutally challenging AI. All in my dreams right? Well now Im sort of making this dream game partially come to life with all the tracks in the supercross series that I want it to include. Each track hosted an epic historical race, with an epic rider being the winner. I didnt make these tracks for the casual motocross gamer. Every track is challenging in its own way and features various epic riders from the history of the sport. After spending more than a year working on this dukey, hopefully, out of 17 tracks, there will be at least one track that somebody loves.

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