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Bodie by TheC4Detonator

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Its been a few years but I'm back in the saddle once again. This is a semi-faithful recreation of the track by the same name Bodie from MX Unleashed, created from the ground up to work with Reflex physics while putting a few of my own creative flares in there as well. I have three versions included in the download: Raceable (Nat_Slot_5), Freeride (Fr_Slot_2), and a version without objects for those that struggle with high frame rate issues No Object Version (Nat_Slot_1). The No Object Version is on a different slot so there isnt anyone who could gain an advantage without hitting the objects compared to those who may have the standard version.

Ide like to thank Redrider197 for so much he has helped in the past, including lending me his wirefence objects, and testing of the beta. This would be the first time I made my own bump models since I wanted to stand on my own two feet for this one (huge shoutout to Darkslides). Thanks to Laurie and the TwistedDirt crew that created the tools to allow us to make tracks for Reflex in the first place.

As stated prior, this is Bodie from MX Unleashed, an abandoned ghost town with white, dry, dusty dirt that I thought would be cool to remake. If you would like to see the similiarities and differences for yourself, you can run MvA Unleashed and install the original MX Unleashed tracks on them. The link to Twisteddirt to download the original 'Bodie' (and other classics) are below if you are interested.

Download Bodie (Reflex) Freeride: HERE
Download Bodie (Reflex) No Obj Version: HERE

Mx Unleashed tracks for Mx vs Atv Unleashed:



Nice C4 MX Unleashed !


So cool, thanks for the new track, very good flow


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