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Glen Helen by redrider197

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Please read the description! Important Details! Don't miss out!

Hey guys, so first off I know you're excited to ride this track as I am excited to finally release it. I have to give thanks to Darkslides19 for the awesome bump models/objects that he took time to do for me as well as anything else he helped me out with. This track is not a 1:1 scale replica, but it is Glen Helen and it is fun to ride! I have to thank Tylyn (TG) and Alec (MotoaZo298) for their feed back on the track since they both went to this track IRL. Track Preview video if you missed it. (\_W8dF0).

Also please watch/subscribe to tylyn gaming (
as I will be doing a track creators interview with him answering questions from himself and subscribers. This way you can know why something was done this way or that way and get to hear the perspective of the track maker.

At the top of Mt, Saint Helens there is a sign, I would greatly appreciate that you read it and then leave a comment answering that question along with your feedback,lap time ect.

Custom objects (by me): Stick Banners,Start box,Banners behind gate, GH flags, US Flag, Welcome to GH banners, GH text blocks, GH bales, Tunnels, Mountain plains, Lucas Oil bottle, 12x12 tents, GH bridge (most proud of and looks as it does because DS19 helped me fix my issue).

DS19 Custom objects, Lucas oil finish,Fly,Redbull over hangs,and anticut things (spongbobs). As well as people (you have to look really hard but you can find them).

Any other objects not mentioned are stock items in Digital Earthworks.

I had a lot of struggles with making this track but in the end I think it turned out well, I still don't think it's perfect but I have to finish this track since i'll be going to school in

late august and won't have as much free time to work on tracks. That said, I will still be making tracks because I enjoy making them. I hope you guys enjoy this track, Down below are two links. One with the Free Ride (you can ride on the bridge) and a prepped version of the track ( I didn't spend as much time on).

Free Ride: beta slot 2

Prepped Glen Helen: beta mx slot 1

Promo edit\_W8dF0

Tylyn Gaming

Alec Ohlaker

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