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Unadilla by RedRider197

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Hey guys! I'm proud to present Unadilla National! *Important Info down below*

First off, let's get the thank you's out of the way. I want to Thank C4 Detonator, Darkslides19, Aheckman2, Tylyn, BennyZ, Ek sniping, Dan Robinson, Ggarcia, and BlackScienceGuy for all the feed back on the track from the early stages, to the end of production.

I made a lot of new objects on this project. Red Bull and Lucas Oil gates, Unadilla cylinder bales(marshmallows), Both Club houses, The bridge (over sized), A ton of new Banners and Tents, as well as my own bump models on this one. I couldn't have done them without Darkslides Tutorial online.

Big Thanks for the Pro Motocross objects by DS19(same on Glen Helen,Red Bud and Southwick).
Darkslides Bump Model Tutorial:

Unadilla Promo Video done by none other than Alec Ohlaker. (Special Thanks on short notice!)

After all that I just want to say I hope you all have a blast on this track, it's really tough to get a clean lap, the key is to go fast but slow down to go fast when needed.

PS there is another sign before the Sky Shot jump with a message for you guys! Also in Free Ride there may be a few Easter egg's....Explore a little and if you think you could have done this track better then make your own national replica.....I dare you.

Free Ride Download

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