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Gripendell by ljungstrommx

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Two and a half years after Hagnesta Hill; my second full scale national track is ready to be launched - GRIPENDELL.

The track is flowy, fast and challenging with a lot of line choices. It includes elements like bridges, tunnels and FMX ramps in an attempt to make every section unique. The philosophy throughout the design process has been that the track should be fun - otherwise what's the point really? :)

Tha lap times are around 4 minutes. My personal best (recorded) lap is 3:39 - should be a good benchmark.

Play, enjoy and give reviews to make me motivated to create more in the future. Both positive and negative feedback are welcome.

Beta slot: National 7
Steam: ljungstrommx


watson needs help fo

help me


very good track my friend


Bruh, You killed it, its so flowy and unique.


Absolutely amazing! Love the endless options, the tunnel can be a bit tricky, come full tilt into the left hander off camber near the end of the lap, too fun..3:41.5, so far lol. Nice job and thanks for the efforts.

Brandon Dyck

Track is sick man, love the way it flows!!


Wow, this is amazing. Whilst replicas are great, this is just pure fun. Love it. More in this vein would be amazing. Thank you so much for your time creating it.


Awesome track bro love your work

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