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Southwick MX 338 by RedRider197

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Today marks the proverbial end of my Reflex track making. I figured I would leave with a sick track that a lot of people have always wanted and I hope that I have not disappointed here. C4 and DS19 have always been the most helpful to myself. I have learned a lot from them and my tracks as well as RDC tracks wouldnt look as good as they do without their knowledge and experience with track making.

For those of you who dont know, I will be moving on to MX BIKES so while my track making here stops it will continue for another game. I would like to say thank you for anyone who left a comment on my track uploads throughout my career here. You guys are awesome. As well as thank you to all those youtubers that covered my tracks. I very much enjoy watching those.

Finally special thanks on this last project to C4 for his always valuable feedback even if it hurts and Darkslides for the bump models the only person you should get your bump models from haha. I hope to see you peeps over on MXB, thanks again and I am happy that I could bring some entertainment to you all.


-Red Rider-





Porco Dio!


my game cant open it just keeps crashing ): cant play no more ):


Great work over the years. Thanks for all you have done for keep Reflex going. Nice track here.

Max Spies #7

Mannnn Red , sad to hear this but thank you a lot for making this game to what it is ! I hope we will continue in the Reflex Community with all the track to build in the future and keep this game alive ! Thanks Red , you are an true legend and hero


This track is just PERFECT! Absolutely love shredding sand like Herlings. Awesome job and thank you for all reflex tracks. Have a nice day )


thanks for everything!!!


Awesome track, great work!


Guess I gotta get half decent at Bikes now. Thanks for all the work on the tracks here over the years


Thank you for the timeless tracks!

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