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Falkoping - Nationals by ljungstrommx

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This is the raceable nationals track. Below is the description for the whole compound.


My first track - a replica of Falkoping moto compound located in Sweden. The compound includes 5 different tracks.

At you can get an overview of the track in Reflex. And in you can get an overview of Falkoping in real life, especially the supercross where a full lap is showed at 5:13.

Tha tracks:
- Nationals: About 95% resemblance to the real track. Lap times around 1:40.
- Supercross: About 85% resemblance to the real track. Kind of more like a national. Lap times around 0:47.
- Enduro: Only some parts resemble real life. Very varied terrain. Pretty fast and nationals-like at places. Lap times about 5 minutes.
- Mini-Nationals: About 77% resemblance to the real track. Lap times around 0:40.
- Sandtrack: In the real compound this is a flat track/rallycross, but I have added jumps, rutts and made it sandy.

Thanks to al167 for the youtube-tutorials where I learned how to build tracks, TheC4Detonator for the awesome track building kit, and to the guys at Twisted dirt forum, especially Darkslides19, which helped me when there was any problem :)

Beta slot 6
Steam: ljungstrommx

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